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LINK Good Neighbours - Rusholme & Fallowfield Community Forum

LINK Good Neighbours

More about LINK

What older people say about LINK Good Neighbours:

“I don’t get much company and it’s nice going out with the LINK to the shops, I have a wonderful time. I get lonely without my cat now and LINK cheers me up.”

“With LINK around I feel less lost around my area, as we have somewhere to go for activities and advice. The volunteers who come to visit me at my home are always friendly, willing and eager to help.”

“I am very happy with the volunteers that come and visit me. We make cakes and chat when they come and I think the project is very helpful.”

“I find the volunteers really helpful and cooperative in getting me out of the house. Not being able to get out on my own I missed going to concerts and the cricket. The volunteers have helped me do that again.”

“I was encouraged by Matthew to visit the LINK at Trinity House very soon after my husband died. I was very reluctant at first. When I finally made the effort I was so glad I had. I was made to feel welcome by the staff and the other people who attend. We all have stories which we share. The projects we take part in are amazing. Painting, decorating various items, card making, the list seems endless. The volunteers play a great part in helping and caring. It has been a lifeline for me as I felt quite lost now I was on my own. I do hope it will continue for a very long time to help more people in the way they have helped me.”


Volunteers are the backbone of our Good Neighbours Scheme without them we would not be able to achieve our aim of combatting social isolation suffered by older people in Fallowfield, Hulme, Moss Side, Rusholme and Whalley Range.

That is why it is important to us that LINK volunteers are happy with the tasks they undertake and that they get satisfaction from doing them.

Support and Training

All LINK volunteers are support in their work by our LINK coordinator Matthew and receive training from qualified instructors in important issues such as First Aid, Dementia Awareness, Health & Safety,   and undergo Criminal Record clearance.

What LINK Volunteers Do

Activities: volunteers assist older people at LINK activities by talking to them & helping them with the activity; on our trips volunteers assist older people who are sight impaired or in wheelchairs.

Befrienders: with the help and support of our LINK Coordinator, volunteer befrienders establish a one to one relationship with an older person who they visit in their home. Volunteers decide who they wish to befriend.

Community Navigators: with the support of our LINK Coordinator volunteer community navigators research what suitable social activities are available in our area for older people and then use this knowledge to encourage an older person, with the support of the LINK Coordinator or the Befriender, to get involved with one or more suitable activity.

To achieve our aim of combatting social isolation we need your help. We need to recruit volunteers. Can you spare two hours a week to help socially isolated older people in need of companionship?

LINK Good Neighbours is funded by Manchester City Council and NHS Clinical Commissioning and is FREE OF CHARGE.

For more information about becoming a LINK Volunteer Contact:

Mathew Youngson (LINK),
Trinity House Community Resource Centre
Grove Close off Platt Lane
Manchester M14 5AA

Phone 0161 225 1064

Email: Matthew Youngson

Rusholme and Fallowfield Community Forum’s involvement with LINK Good Neighbours

In 2010 the Forum’s work became increasingly concerned with the health & wellbeing of older people and adults with health problems or disabilities. A meeting in June 2010 of over 70 older people reinforced our concerns.

In September 2010 we joined forces with Commitment in Communities and established LINK Good Neighbours to combat the social isolation suffered by many older people. Thus the LINK project became the Forum’s area of work. In 2011 Trinity House joined the LINK Project. Unfortunately in 2012 Commitment in Communities closed and their lead role in LINK was taken over by Trinity House.

Need A Helping Hand?

Helping Hand

Do you or does someone you know need a helping hand?

If so, why not contact LINK Good Neighbours to see if we can help.

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